BRAW is a microbrewery inside of a microbrewery. Based in the basement of Nørrebro Bryghus’ restaurant on Ryesgade 3, Nørrebro, Copenhagen, BRAW is thriving to keep the kettle boiling with new, exciting beers at all times.

When Nørrebro Bryghus started in 2003, the small brewhouse in Ryesgade 3 was used to create lots of new interesting beer, for the then young and thirsty craft beer market.

In December of 2016 BRAW was born. As a brainchild of Head of Sales Bjørn Klubien and Brewer Emil Rosendahl, BRAW was a way to give new life back to the old brewhouse at Ryesgade 3.

Ever since, we have been keeping the kettle alive and brewed new and exciting beers to maximum capacity. Our beers represent who we are – a group of people who just wanna have fun – BUT, who want to drink delicious beers while having said fun.

In May of 2018 we took over the basement bar as well, and BRAW Bar was a reality.

So what group of people makes up BRAW, you ask. Let’s introduce the team:  

  • Bjørn Klubien (Bjorn the Broker): Founder of BRAW and Head of Sales. Bjørn is the adult who paves the way for us to do what we’re best at. And he’s the greatest athlete in DK.
  • Emil Rosendahl (Ech'meel): Founder of BRAW and Headbrewer. Emil is the master of the craft and the man with the movie references for the beer names (it’s mainly his fault, they’re so long.) He will also win a stare contest any day, against anyone.
  • Christian Abenth (Chrille the Cutthroat): Our biggest supporter and man of many talents. Christian gets sent out to help customers with their day-to-day issues, regarding line cleaning and getting the tap systems to work perfectly. That he looks like a male model for professional work wear while doing so, is just a perk.
  • Simon Quitzau: Creative genius for BRAW. Simon is the man that miraculously manages to draw everything exactly the way we imagined it. AND he comes up with the most awesome artwork for our labels.

That’s the team, now – what’s with the name?

BRAW is an old Scottish word meaning something fine, good or pleasing. Our linguistic analysis would claim, that the word travelled to Scotland through the Vikings. In old norse the word "brav" would be used to describe a man as brave or good. And we like that.